Recently, the folks at Stormy Vixen’s Book Reviews asked me for the top ten items on my bucket list…

Number Ten
See the Pyramids of Egypt. Since pyramids are cool.

Number Nine
Write 100 books. Just because I can. Maybe.

Number Eight
Eat my weight in pizza (I may have already reached this one)

Number Seven
Have a sandwich named after me (more food stuff, yeah!)

Number Six
Never watch the movie Bucket List

Number Five
Bring Huzzah back as a catch phrase

Number Four
Get free spa treatments for life

Number Three
Never go on a cruise (I watched too much Love Boat as a kid, which ruined this for me. Remember the episode with Ernest Borgnine? Yeah, that sucked.)

Number Two
Tell those meddling kids to get off my lawn

Number One
Grow gray hair down to my waist, wear long white dresses, and have children call me Mrs B (that’s really three things but I got inspired)

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