When I’m building a world, I try out different things. A teeny-tiny number work, the vast majority don’t. Here are 4 things I tried in early versions of Angelbound that met the DELETE key and how…

1. Armageddon started off as a small pink poodle
No, I am not kidding. I actually thought it would be awesome to have the King of Hell be a small pink poodle that talked. You know, the ‘last demon that you would have expected’ type thing? And yes, it was funny. But no, it totally didn’t work. That said, I loved the name.

2. Lincoln began as an antihero
I wanted Lincoln to be a badass. Sleep around. Drink. Be a dick. I even had an illegitimate child running around fun one draft. You know the drill. He was having none of it. The character fought me until he finally became who he was. A good and great man. Ahhh, Lincoln!

3. Myla was originally named Monica
And the book was titled Demonica (har har har). Unfortunately, there’s a restaurant in Boston’s North End called Monica’s, and we lived near said restaurant for about ten years. I kept trying to write Myla as a badass fighter, and I kept seeing the Monica’s logo in my mind: an overweight nun.

Needless to say, she got renamed Myla.

4. Walker was originally an agoraphobic fairy with a foul mouth
God DAMN, but I loved that foul-mouthed fairy. She did not belong in Myla’s story, but I kept her in there for the longest time anyway. Then, when I was rewriting the first chapter for the millionth time, Walker literally appeared. He wasn’t in my outline, but his portal materialized in the kitchen and out stepped my favorite ghoul. I haven’t given up on the potty-mouthed pixie, however. She’s slated for a future book in the Angelbound series.

So there you have it. Four non-starters (except for Monica, which was more of a word-association issue). TTFN!

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