Dear Readers,

THE SHORT VERSION: I have 15+ books in Kindle Unlimited through May 6th! Binge yourself nuts!!! A full list of titles-n-links are here:

THE LONG VERSION: A recent Author’s Guild Survey shows a nasty 42% drop in writer income. Truth be told, I’ve felt the pinch as well. As a result, I’m trying new things such as changing who distributes my books. For the month of May, that will have a domino effect and:

– I’ll release special editions of my first six books, including a new novella in ANGELBOUND (more details here) Yay!

– You’ll lose all your preorders on May 6th. Boo! The books are still there, I swear!!! I’ll post more info as the date approacheth.

– I’m opting out of Kindle Unlimited, effective May 6th. Boo again, sorry! 

This isn’t the first time I’ve ridden the ups and downs of being a writer. And honestly? Once I pass the ‘crying into my Cheerios’ stage, I get pissed off and enjoy the fight. So as of this moment, I’m officially in the ‘fuck you you fucking fuck’ phase and working the problem. It’s an adrenaline rush, which works well with my caffeine addiction.

So that’s it. As part of this process, I wanted to be clear with y’all about what’s happening and why. As always, huge thanks for your support. In the end, this will (hopefully!) mean more reality defying fantasy fun for all of us.

Now I’m off to kick some literary ass.


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