Recently, the lovely author and blogger Megan O’Russell has asked me to list My Top Five YA Topes I Love To Hate. (Honestly, she asked for ten but I got blabby, so it’s five.)

So with that prelude, behold my top five!

Hated Trope Number Five: Sleepy Stalker Syndrome

Because peeping at someone while they sleep is just fucking creepy.

This would be the dreaded boyfriend who sneaks in to watch the heroine while she snoozes. Eew!!! That’s not romantic, that’s just sick. Exception: If someone’s about to attack you and the guy waits outside the door while heavily armed. Welcome, stalker!

Now, on to trope number four…

Hated Trope Number Four: Insta-Powers

Being lazy is fine for a feline. But for a heroine? Not so much.

Here, I’m talking the heroine who has superpowers that she inherits without actually working at all to develop them. Take a class! Read a book! Something!

Let’s sashay over to trope number three…

Hated Trope Number Three: I’m not fighting, you’re fighting

Pretending you don’t see a fight or jump in and help is okay for a mime. That’s the only exception IMHO.

Whenever the heroine waits in a corner DOING NOTHING while someone else fights the big bad. The least you can do is cheer (“nice hit, honey!”) or throw something. Like a shoe. Everyone has a shoe.

Next up? Trope number two…

Hated Trope Number Two: How about an apology?

So I did something super shitty, but watch me wink instead of apologize!

This happens when the hero is a dick yet never apologizes for his douchebaggery. Maybe it’s just me. We all make mistakes, but we learn from our mommies to say we’re sorry.

And now: the dreaded trope number one!

:::drumrolls on tabletop:::

Hated Trope Number One: Ow, my foot!

Why do heroines trip when they run away from big bads? I suspect a banana peel conspiracy.

My number-one loathed trope of all time is the girl who trips and falls while running away from the big bad! Extra hatred if she can’t get back up for some reason!!! NO NO NO NO!!!

:::takes a deep breath and shakes it out:::

So there you have it; my most loathed YA tropes of all time!! Want to check out other blogs by yours truly? Click here.

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