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So excited to share some news: the new PORTIA special edition with its honeymoon epilogue launches on June 25th! The extended book will help to set up the stories of ZINNIA, KAPS and HUNTRESS, the next three books in the Angelbound Offspring series.  In the extended edition, we get a deeper look into Tempest’s realm, Furonium, as well as the ongoing (and very yucky) legacy of his father, Chimera.

Plus, we get to find out more about dragon culture. Since Furor are masters of lust and wrath, they don’t focus on weddings so much as honeymoons. Tempest leaves it up to Portia as to when she wants to start the physical side of the relationship. In this epilogue, Portia starts that side and how.

Note: There will be a big launch for all my new special editions (including ANGELBOUND, SCALA, MAXON and more) in September. However, I got so much excitement for this one, I thought I’d promote it a little early!

PORTIA SPECIAL EDITION: Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Kobo / Apple Books / Googleplay

ZINNIA SPECIAL EDITION: Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Kobo / Apple Books / GooglePlay

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