Dear Readers,

Some strange shit is on the horizon of Christina Bauer Bookland. Starting today, you may notice odd things when it comes to pre-orders, book availability and other stuff. Not sure how much of it will result in emails from retailers, but I wanted to give you a heads-up.

Why This Is Happening
I’m changing distributors, aka the people who deliver my paperbacks and ebooks to retailers. Simply put, this is causing a cluster fuck. It should all be fixed by the end of June (in time for Angelbound ZINNIA’s July release!) In other words, I’ll soon be consistently represented once more on Amazon, Apple Books, GooglePlay and all your favorites … but for a few weeks things may appear and disappear online, if that makes sense. The change also means that some of my early books also need new IDs/product codes, so I’m creating special editions!

Special Editions
Again, I’m losing some of the product codes (what we call ISBNs) for a bunch of my early titles, which means they will vanish from most retailers. After a freaking out for a while, I decided to make this a positive and release special editions of the following:

– Angelbound – with a new wedding epilogue
– Scala – now has an extended epilogue
– Armageddon – will have an extra appendix of goodies
– Maxon – now has a wedding epilogue
– Portia – now has a honeymoon epilogue
– Beholder Cursed & Concealed – will each have extra appendix of goodies
– Special Edition Box Set (coming in Sept) – will have ALL the special edition content in one place so you don’t have to re-buy everything if you don’t want to

You May Lose Your Preorders
Another side affect of this change is that you may lose your preorders (both print and ebook) for a bunch of titles. The books aren’t gone, I swear!!! I’ve created special editions of the upcoming books so you can find them quickly where possible. When the title is not showing on retailers anymore, that’s because the release date is now too far in the future for me to set up pre-orders, and-or I’m not sure when the release date will be (yet). This affects:

Zinnia. New preorders now live
The Brutal Time. New preorders now live
Xavier. On hold for now. I’m reworking release schedules
Slippers and Thieves. New preorders now live
KAPS, Huntress, ECHO Academy and every other preorder title (other than Xavier) will have preorders live soon.

Print Titles Will Return in July
I’ll be using a new vendor for print as well. Look for those books to be available in July with better formatting, covers and other good stuff. I’ll announce a specific launch date for everything in July.

Audiobooks Are Unaffected
All my audiobooks are not affected at this time. The plan is still to release THE DARK LANDS this summer in audio format with yours truly as narrator.

Other Stranger Things May Happen
If you notice something odd in the next month, please let me know! I haven’t done this before, so I’m bound to hit some snags. If you’re wondering WTF is going on, I’m sure it’s bothering another reader as well. Feel free to email me at cbauer (at) with comments, questions and concerns.

FINAL DISCLOSURE: This could all be a big nothing and you don’t notice any changes. Who knows?

Thanks for reading, caring and being you!


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