Ever feel like your life is a paranormal romance novel?

Well, maybe it is. Now you can find out if you’re really the protagonist in a paranormal romance. How? Simply check the list below.

We’ll start with subtle sign number one…

Hot new guy in school and he’s totally obsessed with you? Watch out. 

Subtle Sign #1
The new, intelligent, sensitive, and ripping-hot guy at school takes an interest in girls in general, and you in particular. Beware! In other words, check for sparkly skin, webbed feet, or pointy ears.

Now let’s move on to a more obvious signal…

Strange happenings like flying away with balloons? Major red flag.

Basic Giveaway Sign #2
Weird shizz starts happening around you. Things spontaneously appear or disappear. Glass breaks. Lighting fixtures inexplicably explode. You grow fur. Balloons become a reasonable transportation device.

Pro tip: save yourself some time and accept the paranormal truth sooner rather than later.

With that, let’s hit our final sign…

Mom wears a pointy hat? Dead giveaway…

Absolutely Obvious Sign #3
And now for the clincher: Any signs that one of your parents is actually an elf, witch, werewolf, or vampire? Classic warnings include the lack of aging, no need for food, disappearance at the full moon, fangs and/or a strangely-twitching nose. Snoop around a little bit, you might find something. NOTE: if your Mom is dead, then you’re the heroine of a Disney story.

Better learn how to sing, pronto.

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