Dear Readers,
As some of you know, I recently decided to change distributors, which in turn meant creating special editions of my first 7 books. Now it’s 90 days later and I just finished 4 unique epilogue novellas and 15+ appendix articles. Overall it’s 58,000 words of new content. Whew!
I’m super-happy with how things turned out. The extended editions are available today a la carte (due to the distribution issue above). That said, all the new content will soon launch in a single ‘new content only’ box set edition. This was a fan request so my power readers wouldn’t have to re-buy 7 books at $6.99 each. Great idea!
So without further ado, I’m thrilled to announce that the special edition book is now live for preorders at: Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Apple Books / Kobo / GooglePlay
BONUS: There will also be an official tour for ALL the special editions in September along with the box set. Keep an eye out for lots of launch goodies and reviews to be announced soon.
Thanks for kicking ass, taking names and reading books!

Seven Special Editions — One eBook Collection!

Enjoy special edition extras across seven novels in the popular ANGELBOUND and BEHOLDER series! This collection delivers more than 58,000 words of all-new content. Only available in ebook form, this collection includes:

– Angelbound – a wedding epilogue with one crazy parade

– Scala – an extended epilogue with Myla, Lincoln, Cissy and Zeke

– Armageddon – an extra appendix of behind-the-scenes goodies

– Maxon – an action-packed wedding epilogue

– Portia – the honeymoon novella you’ve been waiting for!

– Beholder Cursed And Concealed – each now has extra appendix of goodies

Get JUST the new content in this convenient collection (perfect for power readers!) or buy the special edition titles a la carte to enjoy the full novel AND its new extras. Whatever works best for you!

SEE IT ON: Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Apple Books / Kobo / GooglePlay 

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