Dear Readers,

Sometimes, I start writing a book with my solid outline all mapped and ready … and then the story does whatever the fuck it wants. The experience is both nerve-wracking and hella fun.

Case in point: the THE BRUTAL TIME (Angelbound Origins Book 6)

I began writing to my outline when a character appeared: Lester, the Archdemon of Lust (who also happens to love disco and have back-up singers). So I thought, I want to read that book! And then a bunch of other stuff changed, too. Long story short, it became a whole thing.

So without further ado, here’s the final back cover description for THE BTUTAL TIME. I hope you like it!


“I love the Angelbound Origins world and just can’t seem to get enough of it!”The Avid Reader

As the Great Scala, Myla Lewis is the only being who can move Purgatory’s souls to Heaven or Hell. It’s a big job. Too bad Myla goes through assistants faster than a hot knife through brownies. Not that it bothers her much; Myla’s always been a solo fighter.

Then comes the problem of the fading angels. Millions of Heavenly residents are dying. According to a prophecy, the only way Myla can save them is by traveling back in time, meeting King Arthur, and creating her own knights of the round table. The catch? Doing so might end the after-realms in a bloody demonpocalypse.


Myla and her main squeeze, Lincoln, aren’t afraid of taking a few chances (in between kisses). But this time the stakes may be too high, even for them. And the biggest challenge of all? Finding those knights.

Because Myla Lewis doesn’t play well with others. At all.

“These books don’t just capture your attention, they straight up demand it. Christina Bauer has created a fascinating and unique world that you do not want to miss out on.” – Bookhalolic Brittany

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Angelbound Origins
In which Myla Lewis kicks ass and takes names. Nuff said.
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8. Quasi Redux (Fall 2020)



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