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The Dimension Drift Series, Book 1

I’m Meimi Archer, your regular high school science geek for hire. Sure, it’s dangerous to create high-tech gizmos for a criminal overlord called the Scythe, but it keeps Mom and me safely off-grid. Ever since the Authority took over the United Americas, you either live inside a domed city (where you’re watched 24-7) or you scrape by on illegal money while hiding out in the sticks. Guess what category I fall into?

Long story short, everything’s fine until I screw up a job. Badly. My home slips into two-dimensional space-time. It only lasts for a few seconds, but the move still sets off about a dozen government alarms. If they track me down, Mom and I are good as dead. Now I need to pay someone off, hide the evidence, and keep us safe. Fast.

That’s when a hottie named Thorne materializes in my kitchen. He’s about my age, wears black body armor, and says he came to “this version of Earth” from another planet. We share a bizarre mind-meld moment before he vows to do anything that ensures I survive.

Hey, I’ll take all the help I can get. Plus, Thorne has dimples…

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Dimension Drift Series
A dystopian adventure with science, snark and hot aliens 
1. Scythe
2. Umbra
3. Alien Minds

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