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I’m so excited to Kaps’ story with you! Scroll down to read ANOTHER sample from KAPS (AKA Angelbound Offspring #5). In this bit, Kaps interacts with none other than her Grandma Myla!

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Sample Chapter


One second, I’m tumbling toward the asphalt, ready to pass out.

The next thing I know, I stand in a landscape that’s made entirely from waist-high clouds. Blinking hard, I wait to see if my view changes.


All clouds, all the time.

Must be a dream. 

Leaning over, I inspect my clothes. I’m still in my club outfit, including my new accessory—magical handcuffs. Which is odd. Normally, I wear bizarre stage costumes when I’m dreaming. Case in point. One recent nightmare had me sporting a cape of live squirrels.

Now that was a dream. This is something else.

A spell? Could be.

Before me, the clouds churn and rise. The white puffs solidify into the shape of a woman. I smile my face off.

My Grandma Myla is here.

We grandkids call her Great M, considering how she’s actually a supernatural being called the Great Scala. She’s also tall and curvy with red hair and a black dragonscale tail.

“Am I dreamscaping?” asks Great M. “Is this shit working?”

All of a sudden, this strange situation makes far more sense. I’ve heard of dreamscaping. It’s where someone with extraordinary angelic powers contacts you through your sleep. I’ve just thought they could only contact another angel.


“Great M?”

“It’s me, all right.” She winks. “My igni told me they could pull this off.  And here we are.”

Great M uses little lightning bolts of power called igni to move souls to Heaven or Hell. Like her tail, Great M’s igni have a mind of their own sometimes. Seems like those ingi want to chat me up right now.

“How are you, sweetie?” Great M goes to wrap me in an embrace, but her body goes all cloudy at the last second. “Ah, crap. Guess hugging isn’t going to happen.”

“I’m just glad you’re here.” Which is true.

“You’re my favorite grandkid, you know that, right?”

“Great M.” I roll my eyes. “You say that to all the grandkids.”

Now, this is still a serious situation. I’m in enchanted handcuffs and—no doubt—getting handed off to the dragon shifter mafia. But with Great M here? It feels like a party.

Great M focuses on my wrists. “What the Hell is that?”

“Would you believe me if I said it was part of this dream?”


I blink rapidly. “Why not?”

“First, you can’t use that fake-innocent blinking-routine on me. I freaking created it. Second, my igni say you’re lying.”

“Well, they might be a little right. I’m the tiniest bit of trouble. But please don’t say anything to my parents.”

“Let me think about that.” Great M taps her cheek. “No, no, no. You’re my mostly-favorite grandkid. I am not looking away while you—“ She winces, setting her palms against her ears. “Fuuuuuuuuuuck! I hear you, guys. Ouch!”

I’ve only seen this happen a few times before. Great M’s igni sometimes see the future and tell her things. It often involves a lot of howling inside her brain.

“Fine! I’ll do it!” Great M rolls her eyes. “Zip it already!” Little by little, she lowers her hands. “Sheesh, they are on a tear.”

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s like this. My igni want you to find the den of the Halcyon coven. The fate of all humans hangs in the balance.”

I tilt my head. “I didn’t know igni cared that much about humanity.”

“They don’t necessarily. But if too many humans die at once, it can overload my powers. And if that happens, everyone sent to their afterlife by any Great Scala gets a free pass to roam around. I’m talking Heaven, Hell and Purgatory all bursting open at the same time.”

“That sounds bad.”

“I prefer to think of it as a total shit show.” She sighs. “Sorry if this is a shocker.”

“It’s not too bad. Someone already said I would go after the Haclyons. I just didn’t have it as my top job.” I glance down at the handcuffs on my wrists. “It may need to wait a little bit before I can start.”

Great M tilts her head. “My igni say that’s fine.”

I’ve been on plenty of missions before, and it’s always important to get as much information as possible. “Anything more for me on the Halcyons?”

“The igni keep talking about the audax and the zoetic. Do those names ring any bells?”

“A few.” A ton. 

Great M tilts her head. She’s still listening to the igni in her mind. “Yes. Oh. That sucks. Got it. I’ll tell her.”

“Tell me what?”

Great M focuses on me once more. “Here’s the situation. Audax are asshole vampires running around Earth. Zoetic are humans who keep them in line. But lately, most of the zoetic have fallen ill. You need to get a healing serum from the Halcyons to the zoetic. That way, they can keep the audax from going on a killing spree, overwhelming my powers, and blah blah blah.”

While the igni are being so helpful, I decide to get some side assistance. “Do your igni have any ideas on how to remove magical items? Let’s say handcu—”

Great M sets her hands against her ears. “Argh! Sorry, baby. The igni say we’ve got to go. Will catch up with you as soon as I can.”

Great M vanishes in a puff of cloud.

Okay, that was strange.

Then again, it’s not like any part of this situation is normal. How many times do I wear magical handcuffs while unconscious ? Adding in a dreamscape from Great M isn’t that much extra.


My eyes pop open as I find myself in the back of an SUV. Around me, there are enough snacks and supplies to feed a small army. And I still wear those damned magical handcuffs.


A crunch sounds as something punches into ‘my’ vehicle. Glancing out the window, I see a pair of Humvees on either side. Even from this distance, I can see through their glamours. No question about it.

We’re getting run off the road by vampires.

Question is, who is we in this scenario?

–end of sample–

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About KAPS

Sometimes, you just have to punch a shape-shifting vampire Nazi. Like tonight, for instance.

Meet Princess Kaps: renegade, dragon shifter, and general pain in her royal parent’s backsides. Although Kaps pretends to love rock and roll, she’s actually obsessed with fighting the Audax, a group of shape-shifting vampire Nazis. And to slay herself some vampires, Kaps collects magical dragon relics.

Enter the L’Griffe–AKA the shifter mafia—who also hunt down supernatural artifacts. Kaps gets in their way and ends up with a price on her head. And things get tricky.

A bounty hunter named Mack comes to collect. Although he’s human, Mack knows all about shifter ways. And what he lacks in shifting power he more than makes up for with a lethal combination of looks, strength, and smarts. After luring the princess away with an epic kiss, Mack slaps some supernatural handcuffs on Kaps, tosses her in a van, and heads off to L’Griffe headquarters with his quarry.

The fact that Kaps is really dragon royalty doesn’t bother Mack in the slightest. And the Audax don’t frighten him, either.

But that kiss with Kaps? It might be a problem.

“I am super intrigued by Kaps! She is independent, snarky and adventurous, and just a hint jaded. I can’t wait to see what terrible mischief she finds herself in during her own book!”– Smada’s Book Smack

Angelbound Offspring
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2. Portia
3. Zinnia
4. Rhodes
5. Kaps
6. Huntress

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