CALLA Cover Reveal

Check out the lovely cover for the second book in my Pixieland diaries series!!! In CALLA, the book continues the romance between our favorite pixie and ‘her’ elf Prince, Dare. Releases in July 2020!

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See The Series

Did you see the new look on book one of the Pixieland Diaries? It was a finalist in the Shelf Awareness cover contest. Woot woot! Take a closer look by clicking below…

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New Description

DARE is Book 3 in the Pixieland Diaries series. This image is one of the illustrations of our favorite elf prince from from Book 1 in the series. Now there’s a new description to enjoy as well!

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KAPS (And Myla!)

In KAPS, our heroine spends time with her Great M, which is what the grandkids call Grandma Myla! Read the excerpt below to get a glimpse of all the Great M-related fun!

See the sample!

Arriving In June: KAPS

Meet Kaps: renegade, dragon shifter, and general pain in her parent’s backsides. Although born a royal, Kaps loves hunting down dragon artifacts. This angers the Audax, who are nothing less than shape-shifting vampire Nazis. Oh, my.

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