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Folks have been asking how the CALLA cover came to be, so I thought I’d write a blog post about it. To create my covers, I work with a cover image artist to ‘frankenstein’ together different source images into a master cover pic. Click here to see a video of how that worked for my book, ECHO ACADEMY.

In the Pixieland Series, I found a super-talented artist called Majorgaine, an artist who specializes in fairies. Another super-gifted artist I work with is Ana Cruz, AKA the brilliant creator of all things Angelbound!!! You can check out Ana’s gorgeous work here!

Also: if you like Majorgaine’s work, I’ll be highlighting more of it during this week’s launch tour…

 Step One. I fell I love with this already-created image and the character of Calla was born!

Step Two. I worked with another artist, Tayana, to create a frame around the pic. PIXIELAND DIARIES book 1 was born!

Step Three. I found another image I wanted to use for book 2, CALLA.

Step Four. The face didn’t match, so Tatyana suggested using a third image.

Step Five. The combined image was then overlaid on the first cover.

Step Six. And voila! The new cover is here!

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