A new look is coming for the Angelbound Origins series!

Myla’s adventures are reaching a new phase. In Clockwork Igni, Myla opens something called Pandora’s door. It’s an oopsie that releases a whole bunch of big bads who go on to give Myla trouble, starting with the antagonist for the next book in the series: Lady Reaper. (Yup, it’s Myla v. the Grim Reaper!)

But that’s getting ahead of things. On April 19th, we’ll see the first cover in this new Pandora’s door series. Check my social media for the final cover, and scroll below for more information about the book!

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Clockwork Igni (Angelbound Origins 9)

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“I absolutely love Myla Lewis as a character! She’s beautiful, witty, smart, and she has a license to kill.” – Angelic Reviews

Long live the me! As Queen of Antrum, I rule an underground realm of demon hunters who love finding new caves. Hey, it’s boring down here; I’m glad they all have a hobby. Per usual, I try to act interested about their latest discovery, but all I hear is blah blah blah new cavern blah blah blah Forbidden Tombs blah blah blah massive bronze pyramids blah blah blah creepy ticking sounds. It’s a little odd, but I’m not worried.

My bad.

Suddenly, the Forbidden Tombs burst through the ground in my home realm of Purgatory. Bronze pyramids smash through abandoned buildings and highways, making rush hour a nightmare. Even worse, the metal structures attract tiny lightning bolts called igni, which are my very special supernatural buddies. Within minutes, every last igni gets stolen away.

Now. I’m. Pissed.

Whoever hides inside those pyramids? Time to dust off your mummies and shine up your sarcophagi. Because my husband, Lincoln, and I are breaking in and kicking ass.

Angelbound Origins
In which Myla Lewis kicks ass and takes names. Nuff said.
1. Angelbound
2. Scala
3. Acca
4. Thrax
5. The Dark Lands
6. The Brutal Time
7. Armageddon
8. Quasi Redux
9. Clockwork Igni
10. Lady Reaper

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