Aquila Book

Angelbound Origins Book 9

***Myla and Lincoln go head-to-head against an unhinged archangel in a Princess Leia bikini. Yes, you read that right.***

For the demon-fighting thrax, the archangel Aquila is their sovereign founder. In fact, Aquila’s unsullied reputation for honor, truth and sacrifice creates the foundation of thrax society. Every year Aquila visits Antrum—along with her personal assistant, Boris—for the great Aquilinean Festival. As King and Queen of the Thrax, Myla and Lincoln always attend the event, content to admire Aquila from afar … just like everyone else. Then, days before the next festival, Boris quits, saying he’s had it.

Turns out, Aquila is a nut job. All these years, the archangel’s only real interests have been partying, nonsense spells and odd costumes. For this year’s festival, the archangel plans to surprise the thrax by materializing in a Princess Leia metal bikini and handing out lewd balloon animals. No lie.

The uptight thrax will not take this well, and that’s putting it mildly.

Long story short, our favorite couple must save the world again, only this time, it’s from an unhinged archangel with tons of magic and very little in the way of linear thought. All Myla and Lincoln must do is find Aquila and get her back in line. Should be easy, right?

Trouble is, when it comes to Aquila, everything goes wrong.