Clockwork Igni

Clockwork Igni

Angelbound Origins #9
Ebook ISBN: 9781946677570
Print ISBN: 9781946677587
Launch Date: September 21, 2021

Myla Lewis here. As Queen of Antrum, I rule an underground realm that’s filled with thrax demon hunters. And the fact that I’m partly demonic? It doesn’t stop me—and my hottie husband, King Lincoln—from ordering the thrax around. Fun times.

Until the Forbidden Tombs do their thing.

Antrum is all caves and—considering how I’m no spelunker—let’s just say I don’t roam around much. So when I learn about some sealed-off caverns that no one can enter, it doesn’t even register. All I hear is blah blah blah Forbidden Tombs blah blah blah massive bronze pyramids blah blah blah creepy ticking sounds. I’m warned to stay away at all costs. I explain that won’t be a problem.

But everything changes when the Forbidden Tombs burst through the ground in my home realm of Purgatory. Bronze pyramids smash through abandoned buildings and highways, making rush hour a nightmare. Even worse, the metal structures attract tiny lightning bolts called igni, which are my very special supernatural buddies. Within minutes, every last igni gets stolen away.

Now. I’m. Pissed.

Whoever hides inside those pyramids? You better dust off your mummies and shine up your sarcophagi. Because Lincoln and I are breaking in and kicking ass.