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Book 5, Angelbound Offspring
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Although she’s only eighteen, Huntress is a rare and powerful glass dragon shifter, giving her the ability to turn invisible at will. Thanks to her hard-learned fighting skills—along with some not-too-legitimate blood ties to the throne—Huntress has been appointed Enforcer of the Dragon Realms, meaning she’s the only one trusted to execute the will of the beloved Emperor and Empress. So when Huntress is tasked to kill a new human threat, she doesn’t think twice about the request. She merely travels to Earth with her favorite set of daggers in hand.

But then, Huntress meets her target: Mack, a human bounty hunter who seems to know every turn in the Enforcer playbook. Even worse, Mack ignites emotions in Huntress that she long thought impossible. Affection. Attraction. Perhaps even love. Add to that the fact that Mack doesn’t seem entirely human—the man wields lightning in a very particular way—and it all leads to one inescapable conclusion.

Mack is the long-lost Scala Heir, one of only two beings who can move souls to Heaven or Hell.

He must be protected at all costs, not killed.

Suddenly, Huntress has more questions than answers. Who wants Mack dead? How has he stayed hidden for so long? And most frightening of all, what can Huntress do to protect her heart from Mack’s sly smile?

Huntress takes off in pursuit of answers, and she won’t stop until she has them, no matter what.

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