Box Sets

The Angelbound Origins Box Set
Includes Books 1-3, namely Angelbound, Scala, and Acca. Three great ebooks; one easy ‘buy now’ click.

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The Offspring Box Set
Includes books 1-3, which spans Maxon, Portia and Zinnia! And with Rhodes (book 4) now being live, it’s great to binge read the other adventures. Plus, dragons!

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The Special Edition Box Set
Includes all the extra content I wrote for the Angelbound Origins and Offspring series, as well as the Beholder Series. Seven special editions — one ebook collection! This is for power readers who want the new epilogues but don’t want to re-purchase all the books.

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Magicorum Box Set

The urban fairy tales that USA Today calls “must read YA Paranormal Romance” are now in a single ebook collection. Collection includes Wolves And Roses, Moonlight And Midtown, and Shifters And Thieves.

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The Beholder Box Set
Medieval mages … Slow-burn love … And heart-pounding action! All five books of the best-selling series are now in one ebook collection!

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