Collected Works

Fairy Tales of the Magicorum Series

Follow the adventures of Bryar Rose and her friends as they confront their fairy tale life templates.

Angelbound Origins

The Angelbound Origins series follows the adventures of Myla Lewis, a quasi-demon girl who’s the most powerful gladiator-style warrior in Purgatory. Myla kicks ass across the after-realms—aka the supernatural lands of ghouls, demons, angels, and demon-fighting thrax—as she destroys evil, falls in love, and discovers her true role in a mysterious prophecy.



Angelbound Offspring Series

Tells the story of Myla and Lincoln’s children…



Follow the adventures of Elea, a simple farm girl who must tap into her witchy powers in order to defeat an evil Tsar. Join Elea as she learns the magick of skeleton and spirit… All while falling for a mysterious mage named Rowan.



Dimension Drift

Meimi Archer has to fix the world while trying NOT to fall for Thorne, the broody yet yummy new kid at school (who also may be from another planet. Literally.) Life is tricky that way.


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